VP Debate – When You Pick A Novice To Go Varsity – Don’t Expect Much From The Novice


Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate, Senator Joe Biden clearly won the debate tonight.  He comported himself as a varsity level professional and demonstrated his grasp of the issues and what our nation needs to move our country forward.  

Meanwhile… with very low expectations for a novice picked to start in a varsity role … and with an obvious “memorize and regurgitate” lines coming from the Republican VP candidate … and with no hard questions being offered by the moderator  … she had no major deer in the headlights moment(s) … I’d say her base will be staying with her …  the polls reflect the obvious outcome:  

CNN/Opinion Research Biden 51%, Palin 36%
CBS Biden 46%, Palin 21%
Fox Biden 60%, Palin 40%

Tonight the GOP candidate deserved a new moniker “Slippery Sarah” …. using terms like “soccer mom”  “team of mavericks”  “get the job done”  “get down to gettin business done”  “gettin rid of that corruption”  “joe six-pack” “never again will we be taken advantage of ” “demand strict oversight” “I’m gona talk straight to the American people”  “paying higher taxes is not patriotic”  “what I had to do up there in Alaska I had to break up that monopoly”  “how long have I been at this, ‘like 5 weeks’  “it’s a toxic mess on wall street”  “energy policy plan in ’05”  “it’s not about who got a tax break”  “energy is the key to the future”  “climate change has a real change going on I don’t want to argue about how we got there” “the chant we hear is “drill baby drill”  “I am tolerant but I don’t support redefining the traditional definition of marriage” “we’ve got to win in Iraq”  “we’re down to pre-surge numbers” “a white flag of surrender”  the central war on terror is Iraq that was given to us by Petreus and bin Laden”  “he has been the maverick”  … one hour into the event the designed attacks came “Americans are craving that straight talk”  “John McCain, who knows how to win a war”  “he’s never asked me to check my opinions at the door”  “get rid of the greed and corruption there on Wall Street”  “now da gon it” 

Our Democratic candidate “Just Joe” tossed out these tonight:  “Tried and true Republican response is de-regulation”    “McCain’s health care proposal is the ultimate “bridge to nowhere” “John McCain will not support a windfall profits tax like she supported in Alaska”  “Barack Obama pointed to the sub-prime crisis 2 years ago”  “allow bankruptcy courts to adjust the principal”  “Global climate change – the cause is man-made”  “timeline for withdrawal”  “we will end this war”   “john McCain voted against our troops”  “John McCain was dead wrong on the conduct of the war in Iraq”   “past is prologue”  How is his policy is going to be different than George Bush’s … I haven’t heard it”  “the surge principals in Iraq will not work in Afghanistan”   “I would carry out Barack Obama’s policies”   

2 Responses to VP Debate – When You Pick A Novice To Go Varsity – Don’t Expect Much From The Novice

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