Barack Obama Clear Victor In Analysis of Second Debate

Immediately after Barack Obama and the GOP candidate’s second Presidential “Debate” from Nashville, Tennessee I took part in a conference call with pollster Stan Greenberg of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and Democracy Corps. 

I found the results of the dial testing focus group “conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada among undecided voters who watched the second debate between Barack Obama and John McCain” to be in line with my own analysis.

The final result showed the verdict to have Barack Obama as winning the forum with 38% to John McCain’s 30%.

The group started our the night with a 54% positive reaction to Barack Obama and ended the evening with an 80% positive reaction. Meanwhile McCain started with a 48% positive and moved to only 56% at the conclusion..

This was the second call I attended, in a series of three calls around the Presidential debates and look forward to the next and final debate.

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