DPVA Update and a 20 Day Push To Victory

Democratic Party of Virginia

Since our last State of the Race email, Barack Obama has continued to lead John McCain in a number of recent polls. 

Public Policy Polling had Barack up by 8 last Tuesday. A Suffolk University poll had Senator Obama leading by 12 on the 5th. And on that same day, a Fox/Rasmussen poll showed Barack with a 2 point lead.

But this election is a long ways from being over…

This week, the rest of the nation saw what we already know: the Republican Party of Virginia is willing to stoop to the lowest form of attacks in a desperate attempt to keep Virginia red.

Thanks to your hard work, Republicans have seen Virginia slip from the red column to the purple column.

They haven’t taken it well.

Out of ideas to help middle-class families, the Republican Party of Virginia has resorted to outright lies about Barack Obama and Virginia Democrats. And it will only get worse.  Over the next 20 days, we can expect the Virginia GOP to use every tool in the toolbox, every dirty trick to try to hang on to Virginia. 

We have just 20 days left in this election, and we need your help more than ever to push back against these tactics.

Please contribute today to help us push back. 

The best way to set the record straight about Barack Obama and our Democratic candidates is through direct voter contact. Your contribution today will help us continue to implement our largest ever field program, which is currently staffing well over 60 offices across the state. 

This team of volunteers and staff has been reaching out to thousands of voters every day for the past several months. And they have been doing a tremendous job. But they need your continued support to make this final surge to Election Day. 

Please help us turn Virginia blue for Barack Obama by making a contribution today. 


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C. Richard Cranwell


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