Congressman Jim Moran Pushes NOVA and Commonwealth on Stephanie Miller Show

Today my friend Congressman Jim Moran (and his dog) were on the Stephanie Miller Radio Show.  He called in from what some of the GOP (including John McCain’s brother) are trying to label as the communist part of Virginia.  The Congressman pointed out how absurd it is for these Republicans calling an area, that includes the Pentagon and the CIA, communist.

Congressman Moran told Stephanie and her listeners that he believes these radical Republicans will be “soundly repudiated”,  that NOVA will vote “2/3rds for Democrats”, and “they will lose throughout the Commonwealth”  

I appreciate Congressman Moran’s work in and helping Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mark Warner and Democrats win elections all across Virginia and our Nation. He deserves a major hat tip and thanks from all of us for what he does in Congress and in helping move our Commonwealth and our Country forward.  

I encourage every voter in VA-08 to go to the polls and vote for Congressman Moran and all our Democratic candidates!

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