Virginia Disability Community Encouraged To Vote For Obama

Dear Friends in the Virginia Disability Community:

As parents of children with disabilities and self-advocates, we are writing to encourage you to consider the presidential candidates’ records and positions on disability issues before you cast your vote   on November 4th. 

After researching their positions, we have come to the opinion that Senator Barack Obama has been, and will continue to be, a true champion for individuals with disabilities. 

Paul K. Longmore, Professor of history and Director of the Institute on Disability at San Francisco State University, has written a well researched comparison of the candidates’ positions, supported with footnotes to legitimate sources.  Professor Longmore , as a man with a disability, seems to have sincere motivations.  His analysis can be found at this link:

Additionally, we encourage you to review the candidates’ positions directly.  Senator Obama’s website includes his nine-page plan to empower people with disabilities, including full funding for education for children with disabilities and support for legislation such as the Community Choice Act, which would help people with disabilities live independently. See  There is also a comparison between the two candidates at: 

(click on the link under Resources for the Factual Obama McCain Comparison….).   

   Senator McCain’s website barely mentions disability issues. See   He has opposed the Community Choice Act and has repeatedly voted against funding for special education.

     Whether or not you are directly affected by a disability, supporting people with disabilities can help them become working, contributing  members of our economy and society.  We would appreciate you giving Barack Obama your vote and support.

    Please also forward this on to other persons with disabilities and their friends, family members, and advocates.  Virginia is a crucial swing state in this election, and the disabilities community here could be key!


Mac McArthur-Fox                         Todd Stone 

Geraldine Storey                             Martha Toomey

Ed Turner   Senator and Mrs. Edd Houck

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