DPVA Chair Correct “There isn’t a real Virginia and a fake Virginia. There’s one Virginia.”


Dear Virginian,

Over the weekend, one of John McCain’s top advisors went on television to declare that Northern Virginia wasn’t “real Virginia” because it’s not “Southern in nature.”  This comes just two weeks after John McCain’s brother called Arlington and Alexandria “Communist country.”  

This is outrageous.
  Our opponents preach that we should choose a cause greater than ourselves, but clearly don’t think voters have the capacity to choose anything that isn’t predetermined by geography.

The complexities of our Commonwealth cannot be reduced to some ridiculous stereotypes, and we can’t sit on the sidelines as some strategist cooks up ways to pit rural and suburban voters against each other in a shameless attempt to score political points.

Instead, we’re working to deliver as many votes for Barack Obama, Mark Warner and our Democratic congressional candidates as we can between now and Election Day – no matter where they come from.  And I’m asking you to join us. With your financial support, you can send a message that these tactics only embolden our resolve to take our country in a new direction.

Contribute today to elect Mark Warner and Barack Obama.

We deserve better than the politics of divide and conquer.  And in this campaign, Barack Obama and Mark Warner have worked to chart a different course, bringing people together in the hope that all Virginians can realize the benefits of our global economy.

There isn’t a real Virginia and a fake Virginia.  There’s one Virginia.

And if we’re going to move beyond the same old Washington fights of right vs. left and red vs. blue, then we need to move beyond these same old divisive political tactics.

So please, whether you live in Fairfax, Lebanon, Martinsville, Richmond, or anywhere else in our great state, contribute today to put Virginia in the “win” column on November 4th.  We have less than two weeks left.

Contribute today to help us turn Virginia Blue.


 C. Richard Cranwell signature

C. Richard Cranwell


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