GOTV – 12 Days and Counting – We Need You!

Virginia Obama Supporters,

This is it. Get out the vote … the final stage of a historic campaign here in Virginia … has begun. This is when we prove that what we’ve built is real and can deliver the change America needs.

We’ve talked to thousands of undecided Virginians and formed neighborhood teams to spread our message of change throughout our communities. But all of this work means nothing if we don’t get people out to vote.

Watch this short video about our strategy to win the commonwealth and sign up for a volunteer shift to get out the vote:

Watch the video

We have the chance to make history here in Virginia. This is your chance to be a part of it.

This plan won’t work without you. What you do or don’t do in the next two weeks will decide the outcome of this race.

We can’t risk waking up on November 5th to four more years of the same failed policies and the same cynical politics.

Sign up for a shift and do your part in bringing this campaign across the finish line:

This is our moment. We’ve worked too hard to let this slip through our hands now.



Mitch Stewart
Virginia State Director
Obama for America

P.S. — If you will be gone from your locality on Election Day, or will be commuting to work 11 out of the 13 hours on November 4th, you can vote right now. Find out how:


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