Republican Party of Virginia Traffics in Slime, Smears, Lies, and Distortions

It’s not just John McCain and the national GOP who are busy running the sleaziest campaign ever seen in the history of American politics … it’s also the Republican Party of Virginia … and yes, just like their presidential candidate the RPV and it’s Chair are proud of it.

What does it say about the party and people behind the slime, smears, lies, distortions and negative attacks? … it says they are desperate and will do anything .. ANYTHING … to keep our country from moving forward …

In the past few days I’ve seen our candidates attacked by the corporate media … in TV ads, with automated “robocalls” and almost daily hateful mailings to spread doubt, fear, and racism… they say the best way to expose McCain’s, GOP’s, RPV dirty campaign tactics is to bring them out of the shadows and into the light of public scrutiny … well here is one vivid example that came in my mailbox:


Will anyone in the Republican Party of Virginia repudiate the slime, smears, lies and distortions?   

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