Checking Polls? Consider VirginiaDem’s Rules

Rule 1:  Polling is an art and a science … and no pollster can guarantee who is going to vote

Rule 2:  Each poll is a snapshot in time and reflects what people who are willing to be polled are willing to say at the moment they’re polled

Rule 3: It’s as important to know who is paying for the poll as it is who is being polled

Rule 4:  “Margin of Error” (MoE) allows every poll to be wrong

Rule 5:  Follow polls over time and look for trends and averages of polls

Rule 6:  Watch out for pollsters who spend a lot of time on public media hype

Rule 7:  The methodology used by pollsters can sway any poll by simply oversampling any group … like disproportionately including results of the percentage of Democrats or Republicans

Rule 8:  Ignore partisan polls taken for candidates when the entire methodology is not released … they’re usually done for insiders who are know how to interpret even slight variances 



Now check out these poll results compiled by Real Clear Politics


Virginia: McCain vs. Obama

Polling Data

Poll Date Sample MoE (D) (R) Spread
RCP Average 10/19-26 51.3 44.0 Obama +7.3
FOX/Rasmussen 10/26-26 1000 LV 3.0 51 47 Obama +4
SurveyUSA 10/25-26 671 LV 3.9 52 43 Obama +9
Reuters/Zogby 10/23-26 600 LV 4.1 52 45 Obama +7
Washington Post 10/22-25 784 LV 3.5 52 44 Obama +8
VCU 10/20-22 817 LV 4.0 51 40 Obama +11
NBC/Mason-Dixon 10/20-21 625 LV 4.0 47 45 Obama +2
CNN/Time 10/19-21 647 LV 4.0 54 44 Obama +10

See All Virginia: McCain vs. Obama Polling Data

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