Virginia Senator Jim Webb Steps Up For Working People and Barack Obama

Join our historic GOTV effortI decided to run for the Senate in 2006 because I was frustrated with the direction the country was headed. Good, well-meaning people had watched their government fail in core areas, from the Iraq War to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 

It was clear to me then, and it’s clear to me now that the American people want better leadership, and they want new approaches. 

Today, after eight years of disastrous Bush administration policies, it’s clear: If we want real change, we need someone in the White House who has the vision, the intellect and a strong voice for the working people of this country. 

That’s why I’m supporting Barack Obama, and that’s why I’m asking for your help. 

We’re in the final stage of the campaign in Virginia — get out the vote (GOTV). And every door knocked, every phone call made, and every family member or friend you talk to could make the difference. 

Sign up now to help Barack Obama win Virginia. 

You know how close the race is here in Virginia, and you know what’s at stake. 

Working families across Virginia are seeing an economy in which more and more manufacturing jobs are moving overseas, where their purchasing power has significantly declined, where heating and electric bills have suddenly skyrocketed, and where health insurance is increasingly difficult to maintain. 

That’s why we need to make this economy start working again for everyone, not just the well-connected and big corporations. 

We can win Virginia for Barack Obama and help working families reclaim the American dream. But it’s going to take thousands of volunteers working together to make sure Virginians know more about Barack Obama — who he is, how he’ll fix the economy, and his commitment to bringing a responsible end to the Iraq war. 

Even if you can only give a couple of hours, that could make the difference. Please sign up to help with GOTV: 

We have 5 days left. The time for action is now. 

And your time will make the difference. 

Thank you, 

Senator Jim Webb 

P.S. — If you will be gone from your locality on Election Day, or will be commuting to work 11 out of the 13 hours that the polls are open on November 4th, you can vote right now. Find out how: 

Please donate
Visit: | Email:

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