Election Day Request From Barack Obama – Help Make History


We’re just one day away from change. 

Election Day is tomorrow — Tuesday, November 4th. 

We’ve asked you to do a lot over the course of this campaign. 

Right now, I’m asking you to do one last thing — vote tomorrow, and make sure everyone you know votes, too. 

Watch a short video about how far we’ve come, and how close we are. Then find or confirm your polling location and make sure your friends and family do the same: 

Find your polling place and volunteer

When this campaign began, we weren’t given much of a chance by the pollsters or the pundits. 

But tomorrow, we can make history. 

We’ve made it this far because supporters like you never stopped believing in your power to bring about real change. 

Take the final step now. 

Watch the video, find your polling location, and get everyone you know involved on Election Day: 


With your vote, and the votes of your friends, family, and neighbors, we won’t just win this election — together, we will change this country and change the world. 

Thank you, 

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