“Where Do We Go From Here?” PDA Virginia Looks For Answers


The Progressive Movement:
Where Do We Go From Here?
Saturday, November 15, 3:30 – 6 p.m.
Joel Segal, Senior Congressional Staffer, Steve Cobble, IPS
Busboys and Poets, Shirlington (info and map)
4251 South Campbell Avenue, Arlington, VA 22206    

We helped make history!   Many of us all around the state worked hard and long to elect Barack Obama president and carry Virginia for a Democrat for the first time since Lyndon Johnson in 1964.  Who would have believed that Virginia and America would elect a black man president in our lifetimes?

Our two PDA endorsed Congressional candidates, Bill Day in the 1st District and Andrea Miller in the 4th District, made impressive showings in Republican strongholds, with 41% and 40% of the vote respectively.  Amazingly, Virginia has also contributed one of the five nationwide Democratic pick-ups in the Senate with Mark Warner’s win and three of the nineteen pick-ups in the House with wins by Gerry Connolly in the 11th, Glenn Nye in the 2nd, and Tom Perriello in the 5th (assuming he hangs on to win the recount).

But what will the new political landscape hold for progressive policies?  How will PDA’s customary leading issues (Out of Iraq/Redirect Funding, Universal Healthcare, Economic Justice, Global Warming, and Clean Elections) fare?  What can we do to promote them in this new environment?  Are there other issues we should be raising to President-elect Obama and the new Congress?

Join us for an insightful discussion headed by panelists Joel Segal and Steve Cobble.  Following the panel discussion there will be a brief PDA VA meeting to discuss future plans and upcoming events.

Joel Segal  is a member of PDA’s National Advisory Board, is a senior Congressional staffer, and has been an effective activist all his life for such issues as Universal Healthcare, AIDS in Africa, human rights in China, and the homeless in America.  Steve Cobble is also a member of PDA’s National Advisory Board, is an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, and has been a senior campaign advisor for Dennis Kucinich and Jesse Jackson, Sr.

This is an exciting time for PDA at this juncture in history, and we need to take advantage of the momentum for change to advance progressive policies.

Please join us!

Howard Jennings
PDA Virginia Co-Coordinator

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