President-elect Obama’s Announces Economic Team For America’s Future

Take time to watch the video of President-elect Barack Obama rolling out the new administration’s incoming economic team. The group includes:
Timothy Geithner, incoming Treasury Secretary
Larry Summers, incoming Director of the National Economic Council
Christina Romer, incoming Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors
Melody Barnes, incoming Director of the Domestic Policy Council

President-elect Obama has directed this economic team to develop a recovery plan to create or save 2.5 million jobs over the next two years. The team will have an almost impossible task working to address the unprecedented economic crisis the Bush Administration

The grassroots and netroots will need to help push the Obama Administration and Congress to make certain they enact legislation that will create jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, help states and Commonwealths like Virginia continue to provide vital services, and stimulate our economy for the benefit of everyone.

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