Thank You Lowell, Eric, and all the Folks At Raising Kaine, RK

Lowell Feld Asks Questions

Immediately after the public announcement that RK (formerly Raising Kaine) was closing up at the end of this year I sent the following email to Lowell Feld (he’s the one pictured above asking me questions while Ingrid Morroy checks out her camera)   

Hi Lowell,  I read your entry about the future of RK with a mixture of sadness and a flood of memories … after years of efforts to make RK the “Voice of Progressive Virginia” the results must be very satisfying for you… I hope you take great satisfaction in the Democratic victories occurring all across our Commonwealth … by my count RK has had a major role in victories in one Governor’s race, one Senate primary and general election, and what looks like three seats VA-02, VA-05 and VA-11 along with another Senate seat … not to mention one very successful Presidential outcome and all the various successful Delegate and State Senate races  … these victories are in no small part due to the netroots strategy you helped put in place … I’m actually pleased that you may now become personally involved in the real work of governing begins … going forward … no matter what you do … I want to thank you and your family for all you have done for our party, our nation, and our world … 

Keep fighting the good fight!

Note: I checked on the minor contributions I was able to make to the RK blog they included … comments  – 254
2008 – 64 posts 
2007 – 62 posts
2006 – 7 posts
The following are titles and links to the postings made as “Shawn” over the years on RK … I’m not certain how long they will remain active links:

DFA Asks Who You Would Select For Four Cabinet Positions

Republican Party of Virginia Traffics in Slime, Smears, Lies, and Distortions

Bill Day Fundraiser this Thursday October 30

Canvass With Gov. Kaine in Prince William Saturday Help Keep Virginia Moving Forward

One 30 Second Ad Says It All – “Bush But Worse”

Congressman Jim Moran Pushes NOVA and Commonwealth on Stephanie Miller Show

Barack Obama Scheduled For Rallies In Richmond and Leesburg on Wednesday

18 Days to November 4th! Remember Stevie Wonder’s DNC Performance? Want More? Help GOTV

I Voted Absentee – How About You?

Mark Warner Visits Fredericksburg

Richmond To Play Host to VP Debate Winner, Senator Joe Biden, Sunday, October 5th

Joe Biden’s Correct “The Ultimate Bridge to Nowhere” the GOP Health Care Proposal

Virginia Voter Registration Closes October 6th – Register One More Virginian Today!

UMW and Fredericksburg final prep underway for Obama-Biden Visit

Despite Rain, UMW and Fredericksburg Prepare For Obama – Biden Visit Saturday

Barack Obama and Joe Biden Visiting Fredericksburg and UMW Saturday

Check Your Voter’s Registration Status Now

Families Rally For Change – Saturday In Richmond

Gov. Tim Kaine Tells DPVA Path To Victory 2008 – WIN VIRGINIA!

Collis-Warner “Almost Annual Pig Roast” Preparation for 2008 Senate Victory

Virginia Young Democrats Campaign Kickoff Events!

VP Candidate Joe Biden Speaking Up For Veterans in Virginia Beach Today

Labor Day 2008 – A Time To Reflect and Ready Yourself for November 4th

President William Jefferson Clinton Stands Up For Barack Obama

Women Democrats of the Senate “Checklist for Change”

McCain Ad “I’m Hillary Clinton and I DO NOT Approve That Message”

Congratulations To Barack Obama On Selecting Senator Joe Biden!

73 Years of Social Security – Lifting People Up and Caring For Working Americans

Wes Clark Scheduled For Dinner In Italy on DNC Convention Wednesday

Virginia Press Covers Bill Day’s Entry Into VA-01 Congressional Race

Wolf and Wittman Embarrass Virginia Constituents

Virginia House Republicans Vote Against The Paycheck Fairness Act

“An Economy On The Brink” Congressman Jim Moran’s (VA-08) Town Hall Looks To Future

Wes Clark Steps Up And Attacks Republican Frame Of Obama’s Comments

Obama Visits Berlin and Millions Watch “World Class” Speech

Obama Visit To U.S. Military Bases In Germany Cancelled

Virginia’s Legislative Session Roundup From Progressive States Network

U.S. House “Drill Responsibly in Leased Lands Act of 2008” Virginia Republicans Vote NO

In Fairness Keith Tucker Proposes Yet Another Cover For The New Yorker

Updated GI Bill Signed Into Law Today, Thanks Senator Webb

Brian Moran’s Republican Transportation Plan Update

Clinton and Obama, Democrats United For Change

Wes Clark Works To Secure America’s Future by Helping Elect Barack Obama

Barack Obama Declines Public Financing – Puts Faith In Grassroots

Tim Russert’s Life Acknowledged by Senator Jim Webb and Virginia Democrats

DPVA Convention Delegates – Elect Grassroots Leadership for the DNC

Democrats in VA-11, Leslie Byrne Deserves Your Vote Tuesday

Attention Virginia Democratic Convention Delegates

Democracy for America Gives Leslie Byrne A-List Status

Senate Candidate Mark Warner Stops In Fredericksburg

Upcoming Events for PDA Virginia

Wittman A Congressional Failure In Virginia’s 1st District

PDA and Congressional Democrats – Out of Iraq Press Conference 

Democratic Presidential Primary Campaign Moving On To Final 6 Contests

Kentucky Derby Picks

Catholic Priest and Pastor Supporting Rev. Jeremiah Wright vs. Typical Fox Reporter

The Audacity of Hoops – Barack Obama & Basketball

Obama In Mississippi – In First Place Now – Prepared To Be President Now 

Mary Washington Students for Barack Obama to Welcome Special Guest 

Alexandria Visibility Day for Barack Obama 

Just A Few Blacksburg Barack Obama Supporters 

Barack Obama – New Hampshire on Primary Election Night – Yes We Can!  

DCCC Sends Out Emails 


Al Pollard running in 99th House of Delegates Special Election Feb 19th

Barack Obama: Our Moment Is Now, full speech

Obama Wins RK Poll and Bobby Scott Endorsement

Brian Moran Steps Up To Support Phil Forgit

Chap Petersen Steps Up For Phil Forgit in VA-01 – Vote Tuesday

Obama Steps Up To Help Forgit In VA-01

DPVA and Tim Kaine Step Up To Help Phil Forgit – You Can Too

Barack Obama Personally Thanks Virginians

DPVA Chairman Wants Democrats To “Join Us”

Obama Virginia Campaign Files Petitions

Happy Thanksgiving To Our Military And Their Families

VA-01 What Will It Take To Win On December 11th?

Kudos to Gov. Kaine For His Approach To Mounting Housing Crisis

Of Ebenezer Scrooge and the Republican’s Convention

Ted Hontz endorsed by Dave McGinnis for VA-01 Seat

A Chance To Make History by Brian Moran

WaPo Endorses Bill Day and Bruce Roemmelt 

31st House of Delegates Forum Won By Bill Day

Alexandria Democrats JJ topic 21/51

PDA Fall Peace Offensive Event October 10th

Webb Tries To Put Brakes on Iran Push

Time is Ticking – Volunteer Today

This Sunday join Governor Kaine and Support Bill Day for HOD-31st 

Can you find the Virginia’s DNC Organizers in this photo?

Quick DPVA update

Gloucester Democrats and remembering September 11th

Brian Moran out supporting Stafford County Candidates

Civic minded Clyde Matthews for HOD 28 to replace incumbent Howell

Of Vick’s apology and what Gonzales should have said today

DSCC Bumper Sticker Slogan Contest

More Decline in Manufacturing Quality – One Small Example

Remember the Iraq quagmire was predicted by VP Cheney in 1994

DPVA Grassroots Training – Comfort Inn Richmond

Video Report Details “Christian” Evangelism at Highest Levels of US Military

Senator Deeds out stumping for Virginia Senate Candidates

Building a Better, Safer World What is the #1 Foreign Policy Challenge

U.S. Global Engagement DC Democratic Foreign Policy Roundtable

Don’t miss Generation Chickenhawk: the Unauthorized College Republican Convention Tour

Gov. Tim Kaine out working for 2007 Democratic Candidates on July 4th 

4th of July with House Democratic Caucus Chair, Brian Moran in Prince William County

Dale City Parade, 4th of July with Gov. Tim Kaine & Bill Day

Take Back America 2007 and Campaign for America’s Future

Tuesday at Take Back America

Monday afternoon at Take Back America 2007

34 Years of Service — Something to Celebrate!

Arlington Democratic Committee JJ Dinner with Howard Dean 

Analysis of the GOP NH Presidential forum & “War for the White House 2008”

O’Donnell and Obama want a health-care system that works

Memorial Day 2007

How Republican economic policies create insecurity for all but the wealthiest

Can a cartoon video explain why some American leaders want to occupy Iraq?

Answer the questions Mr. President

Obama takes Richmond

Congressman Bobby Scott’s 60-30-15 Celebration

Congressman Jim Moran and PDA-VA meet

PWC Dems help Jenkins kick off run for 7th term 

Fauquier’s 6th Annual Dinner a Major Success 

Radical Right Republicans push VA-28 State Senator to retire

Senator Webb stops in 1st CD

DNC Winter Mtgs – Presidential Hopefuls Speeches

07 Iraq Troop Surge – Virginia Legislators Public Stand

Barack Obama Exploratory Committee Letter

Hello From DPVA meetings in Staunton

Our Work Has Just Begun

Webb wins on NBC

Saturday July 22nd BBQ & Live Misic in Fauquier

Everyone is invited Unity Dinner May 13th Williamsburg

What can you do to help?

Shawn O’Donnell: Historic Opportunity in VA 01

Shawn O’Donnell for Congress

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