President-elect Barack Obama Names National Security Team

Barack Obama will be retaining Defense Secretary Robert Gates, which I believe is a positive move designed to insure continuity at DOD during a time when we have troops in the field and is nominating General Jim Jones as National Security Advisor, who brings four decades of military service to the team. 
Senator Hillary Clinton is an outstanding nominee for Secretary of State.  She has current relationships with foreign leaders and will be a strong voice to the Cabinet.  Clinton will be working closely with Dr. Susan Rice who is being nominated as UN Ambassador.  This duo supports the President-elect’s commitment to a strong but diplomatic American voice for reform.  President-elect Obama also announced that he is returning the position of UN Ambassador to Cabinet rank.
Eric Holder is nominated for the post of Attorney General, he brings a distinguished career in law enforcement and will be working closely with Janet Napolitano chosen to direct Homeland Security.
With the nominations of his National Security team, it seems obvious that President-elect Obama is preparing to face a wide array of security challenges and make major changes to the status quo.
Like his choice of Joe Biden for Vice-President I believe he has picked a National Security Team that is extremely well prepared and well qualified to meet the future and to move our Nation and our World toward a safer and more prosperous tomorrow.   

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