Tuesday Is Special Election Day In Fredericksburg – Get Out and Vote for LaBravia Jenkins for Commonwealth’s Attorney

As many of you know I have strongly endorsed LaBravia Jenkins in the special election being held December 16th.

I encourage Fredericksburg area voters to get informed and then take time Tuesday to go to the polls and V O T E !

The following are from numerous emails I received in support of LaBravia:

Well Gang,

For whatever it is worth to you, tonight I met Labravia Jenkins. I like the way she handles herself.

She is a law school graduate from George Mason. She is the acting Fredericksburg Commonwealth Attorney. She mentioned that the 5 assistant attorneys in her office are all young (20’s). She is originally from Illinois and has lived in our area 20 years.

She believes that the punishment should fit both the crime and the person charged in order to be effective. I agree with her. She feels that the 8 years under Mr. Sharp (currently a judge) as his assistant have prepared her well. She has 13 years in the Fredericksburg area as a prosecutor. She was the Public Defender in Fredericksburg for 3 years.

This variety (neither Olsen nor Hicks) and level of experience (not Hicks) makes her my choice.

Cheers, Ron


I agree, Ron. I know Labravia; she knows this job, and has been doing it well. Let the incumbent win. Why should someone else win, when she has been doing it so well herself.

Cheers, George


FWIW, I agree she is the best choice. Having worked in private practice for 8 years, I don’t think Hicks has the experience needed and I have heard of Olsen prosecuting a case that made me question his use of the prosecutor’s discretion.


and be sure to check out additional coverage over at Fred2Blue

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