DFA Asks You To Stand Up For America’s Middle Class

Write a Letter Supporting the Employee Free Choice Act

Last month we witnessed a historic election. Progressive Democrats won all across the country thanks to the hard work of DFA members like you. Now, we have to put these new majorities to work to help save the hard working American middle class.

It is called the Employee Free Choice Act.

Unionized workers are the backbone of a strong and growing middle class and the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) will re-empower American workers to freely form and join a union.

But major corporations are against the bill and have already come out swinging. Anti-EFCA ads are already on radio and television, and big businesses like McDonald’s are pressuring middle management to organize against the bill. We need to take a stand and fight back against big business.

Write your local paper today supporting the Employee Free Choice Act

The current system for workers to come together to improve working conditions is broken. Corporations can intimidate or lay off employees who try to organize and bargain collectively, leaving millions of middle class people working without health insurance, at unfair wages and in potentially unsafe conditions.

The Employee Free Choice Act puts the power to organize back in the hands of working people, protecting them from corporate coercion and threats. It fixes a broken system that heavily favors corporations over people, and empowers millions of Americans by bringing democracy into the workplace.

Use DFA’s easy letter-to-the-editor tool and write a letter today

This is our chance to stand up for middle class Americans.

Thank you for all that you do,
Democracy for America

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