DCCC Chairman Steps Up To Thank Grassroots and Netroots for 2008 Success

Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Rep. Chris Van Hollen has stepped up with this video to say thanks to all the support Democratic Congressional candidates received from the grassroots and netroots during the 2008 election cycle.  He’s correct when he says YOU were the driving forces for success. 

Here in Virginia YOU helped make history and THREE U.S. House seats moved from Republican to Democratic. Glenn Nye in the 2nd, Tom Perriello in the 5th, and Gerry Connolly in the 11th all got major support from the netroots and grassroots communities during their victorious campaigns.

NOTE:  The Democratic Party picked up a total of 24 U.S. House seats “… the first time in history a party has won a wave election to take the Majority and followed it with another wave of pick-ups.”

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