Barack Obama’s Electoral College Victory Certified Today

As the Electoral College today formalized the results of the November 4th, 2008 election of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States one has to wonder if it isn’t time for a change in the way we elect our President.  Is the Electoral College system outdated?  Should we move to a popular election so that every vote really matters?    
All those questions aside, I hope every American stands today to congratulate our President-Elect on his historic victory.  He will need all the help he can get working to correct what I believe history will record as the greatest mismanagement of fiscal and monetary policy, the worst foreign policy of any administration ever, an illegal and unnecessary invasion and occupation of Iraq, and numerous other major challenges facing our country from health care to the environment.
President Obama will be sworn in at possibly the most difficult of any period in our history with the exception of our Civil War.   Despite his having pledged to work across party lines to confront these challenges, President Obama will need the constant and sustained help of every Democrat to make the changes necessary to chart a positive, progressive course for the United States of America. 

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