Road Trip Review – Checking out the Auto Industry

As we moved across the country I made it a point to take a look at the inventory levels of various auto dealerships … the way these small businesses are handling the financial crisis are one indicator of our economic future … for example … as we drove past 3 dealership in Albuquerque, New Mexico I estimated the Volvo at a reduced inventory level around 1/2 normal … the Cadillac around 1/3rd … and Ford’s to be at capacity … I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions and will write more later about my view of the auto industry … but it is interesting to note that the inventory levels for each dealership seem to be in line with those of the same make … Ford is the most notable of those results as their inventory levels from Virginia to California appear to be near capacity … no wonder Ford is the US manufacturer best positioned to handle another GOP recession … below is a picture I took of what looked like a full inventory of KIAs waiting to be shipped to dealers from land leased from Naval Base Ventura County at the Port of Hueneme … click here to read more about the situation  
KIA Inventory on Naval Base Ventura County

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