One Democratic Candidate for Governor, Terry McAuliffe, Visited Fredericksburg Saturday

9:01 Saturday morning and Terry McAuliffe had just shown up for a specially scheduled Fredericksburg area regional breakfast at the Caroline Street Cafe… he arrived to a pleasant assortment of pastries but went right to the regular coffee for another morning jolt of energy … not that I’ve ever seen him without energy … after settling in and speaking one-on-one with the folks who were there to meet him he was ushered into the bigger room off William Street and was introduced by the chair of the Fredericksburg Democratic Committee … his stump speech kept mainly to the topic of the posters behind him “New Energy for New Jobs” and his deviations came mainly in talking about personal items like he and his wife deciding to raise their children in Virginia … after talking briefly about his two opponents Brian Moran and Creigh Deeds he pledged once again to never speak ill of another Democrat … taking questions from the audience he handled a variety of topics from environmental protection for the Chesapeake Bay, to education, to the importance of Virginia tourism … all in all I’d say he made an impression with the force of his energy and his focus on the economy … here are a few pictures of the candidate and one of some of his questioners …







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