Virginia House Democratic Caucus Chair, Ward Armstrong on 2009

Virginia House Democratic Caucus

Virginia House DemocratsIt’s hard to believe, but after all of your hard work in 2008, President-elect Obama is getting ready to take the oath of office next week. It was a hard-fought campaign, and I hope you had a chance over the holidays to relax and reflect on the difference you made.

Now the real work begins, as the President and our new Congress start tackling the mess the Bush administration has left for them. It’s not going to be easy, but Virginia has certainly helped the effort by sending Mark Warner and three great new Congressmen to Washington.

We’re also heading back to work right here in Virginia. Tomorrow, the General Assembly convenes in Richmond facing some daunting prospects: a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall, an unrelenting economic crisis, and unprecedented partisan gridlock.

We can’t change Virginia without help from friends like you.

Please sign up today at

If you’ve been reading the newspapers, you already know what we’re up against. Richmond Republicans have dug in their heels and announced their intentions to block progress every step of the way.

That’s why we need your help. This session, Virginia Democrats will keep fighting for good schools, quality health care, and middle-class tax relief, but we need your voice to help push our agenda.

Sign up today at to stay up-to-date on all the news from Richmond.

Additionally, you’ll be able to watch caucus press conferences, listen to our podcasts, and subscribe to legislative updates on our Twitter feed.

We’re aiming to make the House as accessible as we can, because you deserve to know what happens to the issues you care about.

This is going to be a critical year for Virginia Democrats, and with a productive legislative session we can help kick off 2009 on the right note.

Sign up at right now and help join our effort.

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Ward Armstrong

Del. Ward Armstrong

House Minority Leader

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