Logistics Management Quotes Trucking Exec About Depth of Recession

While Barack Obama’s administration and Democrats on Capitol Hill continue working on an economic stimulus package to begin to correct the economic catastrophe they inherited … I continue seeing reports like these on the depth and breath of the recession …

“Motor carrier freight is a reflection of the tangible-goods economy, and December’s numbers leave no doubt that the United States is in the worst recession in decades,” said ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello in a statement.
“With consumer demand falling, inventories are getting stretched out and new orders delayed, and that means lower shipping volumes, which ripples right through the trucking industry,” said a trucking industry executive whom declined to be identified.

“Many shippers have begun looking seriously at carrier financial stability. They can’t afford to lose even one customer to a service failure, so reliability is more important today than it has ever been.”

h/t Logistics Management 

One Response to Logistics Management Quotes Trucking Exec About Depth of Recession

  1. virginiadem says:

    How does this affect Virginia? …. check out this story from today’s Daily Press …

    Craney Island project delayed

    The planned marine terminal is not expected to handle its first cargo container until 2020


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