Americans United For Change Asks Republicans To “Get Over It”

Here is a part of an email that I received today from Americans United for Change … as someone who ran a rust belt manufacturing company I know how hard it is to recapture business after a plant closes it’s doors … our country needs to pass a true stimulus package now … or more plants will be closed, more jobs will be lost, and more long term economic harm will be done to our fellow Americans and our Nation …
Americans United For Change

Some people just can’t let go of the past.

Yesterday, the House passed an economic recovery bill that will put millions of unemployed Americans back to work. But not a single Republican voted for the bill.

Those Republicans must be living under a rock. Perhaps they haven’t heard the news: George W. Bush is back in Texas, the trickle-down economics they espouse are what got us into this mess in the first place, and the American people are ready for change and for real solutions to our economic crisis.

We can’t let this old-school partisanship kill the Obama jobs and economic recovery plan in the Senate. That’s why we’re launching a TV ad campaign to encourage five key senators to put their constituents’ needs above party affiliation and vote for President Obama’s plan.

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