Chris Rey Jumps Into Virginia House District 93 Race

Note: In 2007 Virginia’s 93rd District voters were not given an opportunity to vote for a Democratic candidate … from the following announcement it looks like this year will be different … I’ve met Chris and applaud his willingness to get involved in bringing about positive change for the 93rd and Virginia!

February 6, 2009

Chris Rey announced his candidacy for Virginia House of Delegates District 93 today from Newport News, Va. He comes into the event with a commitment to increase the integrity and productivity of the state government. Rey has been continuously involved in community programs, civic organizations, and assisting emerging businesses to become an integral part of the local economy.

“What District 93 needs right now is a choice, someone who represents their needs. That is why I’m running for Delegate. This election will be about responsible government and viable solutions” said Rey.

Rey is currently a second year law student at William and Mary Law School, and is the National Director of Corporate Relations of the National Black Law Students Association. He previously served as a United States Army Captain and saw combat tours to Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. His last assignment before attending law school was Commander of the Third Special Forces Signal Detachment, Fort Bragg. During these combat tours, Rey received a Bronze Star and other military accolades.

“Chris Rey is a public servant of the highest order. As a fellow Army veteran, I know what it means to lead troops during this time of war. Rey’s leadership is critically needed during this time of continued war and difficult economic times,” said Phillip Gilfus, National Committeeman for the Democratic National Committee. Gilfus added, “Just as he was entrusted with the greatest resource we have, our nation’s soldiers, I know the voters of Virginia District 93 will entrust Chris to represent their interests, hopes and dreams in Richmond. Chris Rey is a 21st Century leader who will help us move forward and fight for his constituents on a daily basis.”

Rey was the first African American to represent the First Congressional District in Virginia as a presidential elector. He was elected to the post during the Democratic First Congressional District convention. Rey’s involvement in public service is complemented by his experience in government at both the state and local levels.

For more information, please visit or call (757) 969- 3109.

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