Gov Kaine Launches Website for Virginians Wanting To Submit Stimulus Projects

Note: How do you prove you run the best managed state in our Nation? … you take actions like the one announced today by Gov. Kaine … even as we wait for the Senate vote on the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” … and a conference committee’s final reconciliation of the House and Senate versions and then President Obama’s signature … Virginia’s rolling out a program to take advantage of the stimulus package … well done Governor Kaine!
stimulus virginia

RICHMOND – Governor Timothy M. Kaine today launched Stimulus.Virginia.Gov, a unique web portal to gather project ideas for potential funding from the federal stimulus package.Stimulus.Virginia.Gov will allow localities and citizens to contribute to the decision- making process for the distribution of any federal funds that Virginia receives.

“While we wait to learn what conditions will be placed on the federal stimulus monies received by the states, we want to start collecting ideas from all over the Commonwealth to ensure the money is spent in a timely and effective manner,” Governor Kaine said. “Stimulus.Virginia.Gov will give everyone in the Commonwealth a forum to submit and exchange project ideas. Every locality and citizen has a stake in our economic recovery and should have a voice in deciding how this money is spent.”

 Stimulus.Virginia.Gov will be the central portal and repository for citizens, groups and localities to submit proposals. Citizens will be able to view proposals in a web table updated daily.

After the package becomes law, projects from Stimulus.Virginia.Gov will be identified that may qualify for funding. Projects will be evaluated and selected through a process similar to the way Virginia develops its biennial budget. In some cases, the information will be sent to localities and other appropriate governmental entities because they will be responsible for prioritizing projects.

The Commonwealth will be accepting proposals submitted through the web site beginning today with an end date to be determined and announced when conditions and stipulations of the final economic stimulus package are known.

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