Managers of Virginia Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Offer Post JJ Coverage

After the Democratic Party of Virginia’s annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner each of the three gubernatorial campaign managers sent out followup emails … here is a quick look at a part of what they offered … (in the order they arrived in my inbox)  … if you’re so inclined click on the link next to each campaign website, sign up, and get your inbox filled with emails …     
Brian Moran’s manager, Mame Reiley “It was a terrific speech, and the thousands of party leaders there responded with overwhelming enthusiasm, and support. Brian is going to stick to his guns and fight for this nomination just like he has always fought for the people of Virginia.”  Click here for Brian’s website
Creigh Deeds manager, Joe Abbey: “On Saturday night, Senator Deeds spoke to over 3,000 Virginia Democrats and elected officials, and made it clear who he is fighting for. If you want a nominee who will take on that corporate greed, if you want a candidate who believes we can solve things with cooperation not confrontation, if you want a nominee who is on the side of the middle class, then join our cause. ”   Click here for Creigh’s website  
Terry McAuliffe’s manager Mike Henry: “The JJ also marked the formal kickoff of our grassroots operation. We trained nearly four hundred supporters to organize on Terry’s behalf – including many who volunteered their time and energy to help Barack Obama carry the Commonwealth in this past year’s Presidential Election.”   Click here for Terry’s website

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