Focus Group Results Have President Obama’s Speech Approval Crossing Party Lines

Tonight after President Obama addressed a Joint Session of Congress  I took part in a conference call  with the folks from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner and Democracy Corps … they held a dial testing focus group and gauged reactions of voters – about half of whom voted for Barack Obama and half of whom voted for John McCain in November  … from state of Nevada  … for a large part of the speech pollster Stan Greenberg found that Republicans were viewing what President Obama had to say favorably in most areas … the exception was in the area of health care … the notion of responsibility and “the day of reckoning has come” really resonated … other areas that hit home was  … veterans, troops and pay raises …  banks and financial crisis “helping people not helping banks” … and energy independence and acting on it … in the end the approval rating hit 76% … well done Mr. President!

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