Virginia Senator Edd Houck Releases General Assembly Issues Survey Results

Edd Houck

Virginia Senator Edd Houck  (17th)

Thank you to everyone who completed my 2009 General Assembly Survey.  The response was the largest in my 26 years of service.  I appreciate my constituents taking time away from their busy schedules to share their thoughts on these important bills and budget items impacting the Commonwealth.   It is my sincere hope that more individuals will participate in the future.  Below, please find this year’s results:


  • Withdrawal from Rainy Day Fund   
    YES  81.8%   NO 18.2%
  • Reduction in K-12 Funding  
    YES  23.1%    NO  76.9%
  • Increase in cigarette tax      
    YES  73.9%     NO  26.1%
  • Closure of psychiatric hospitals  
    YES 17.2%   NO 82.8%
  • Early Release for Non-violent offenders
    YES  66.4%   NO  33.6%
  • Elimination of salary increases for state employees
    YES  62.9%    NO  37.1%
  • Cut state agencies’ budgets by 15 percent  
    YES  63.8%    NO  36.2%
  • Providing tax incentives for energy efficient systems  
    YES  72.7%   NO  27.3%
  • Ban smoking in all bars and restaurants  
    YES  69.1%  NO 30.9%
  • Ban illegal immigrants from attending public universities  
    YES  80.3%  NO 19.7%
  • Allow the Governor to serve two consecutive terms  
    YES 72.6%  NO 27.4%
  • Requires background checks on individuals purchasing gun at shows
    YES 80%  NO 20%
  • Allow individuals to vote early without an excuse
    YES 51%  NO 49%

Note: As a resident of Senator Houck’s 17th District I know first hand the benefits of having a dedicated public servant representing my region in Richmond … I applaud his outreach efforts that this survey represents a part of …

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