DPVA Chair Points Out RPV Roadblocks To Progress In Virginia

Democratic Party of Virginia
 Last Saturday marked the end of the 2009 General Assembly session. This year, our Democratic leaders in the Virginia House and Senate fought hard for our Democratic principles and achieved a number of prominent successes, including a ban on smoking in restaurants and passing a responsible, belt-tightening budget.

As the Washington Post noted today, this year also saw the defeat of dozens of good bills at the hands of the Roadblock Republican Caucus in the House. Republican leaders used their majority to play politics and kill bills through parliamentary procedures. The lesson of this year is clear: The House Republican leaders continue to stand in the way of the change that Virginia needs. 

Speaker Bill Howell and Republican Party Chairman Jeff Frederick used their majority in the House of Delegates to block sensible Democratic proposals to create green jobs, enable early absentee voting, and provide tax relief to the middle class. 

And that’s just the beginning.
In the wee hours of the morning in meagerly attended subcommittees, Republican legislators again killed efforts to take redistricting out of partisan hands. 

This fall is our last chance to elect a Democratic majority in the House of Delegates before redistricting. We are just a handful of seats away from electing a Democratic Speaker and ensuring a fair redistricting process, but we need your help to get there. 

Click here to invest in the Democratic Party of Virginia’s 2009 Field Campaign.

The Democratic Party of Virginia is committed to implementing the same statewide field program that has proven so successful in recent years. 

Please help us achieve success in November through an early investment in the Democratic Party of Virginia’s statewide field program. With your support, we can remove the roadblocks in Richmond and keep Virginia moving forward. 

Contribute today to help us hit the ground running. 


 C. Richard Cranwell signature

C. Richard Cranwell, Chairman

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