2009 Virginia Democratic Primary Op-In Poll

Op-In Poll Questions:  

Do you have a preference in the Democratic Primary race for Governor?

Do you have a preference in the Democratic Primary race for Lt. Governor?  

Do you plan to work for those candidates prior to the primary?

## Send your answers to info@virginiadem.com  … or leave them here in comments


Note: The following information contains links by last name in alphabetical order for each Democratic candidate running for Governor and Lt. Governor in the June 9th primary: 


Creigh Deeds  – www.deedsforvirginia.com    

Terry McAullife – www.terrymcauliffe.com

Brian Moran – www.brianmoran.com


Lt. Governor

Jon Bowerbank  – www.jonbowerbank.com           

Pat Edmonson – www.patforvirginia.com    


Michael Signer – www.mikesigner.com

Jody Wagner – www.jodyforva.com

4 Responses to 2009 Virginia Democratic Primary Op-In Poll

  1. virginiadem says:

    Interesting comments and votes coming in via email … I’m keeping names confidential … here are a few of the comments:

    “I prefer Moran slightly over Deeds, with McAuliffe a long way back from both. I would happly support either Brian or Creigh if nominated, but would have to hold my nose for McCauliffe.”

    “I like Creigh Deeds for Governor and Jody Wagner for Lt. Gov”

    “Brian Moran”
    “Jody Wagner”

    “Jody Wagner”


  2. virginiadem says:

    In reply to questions I’m getting … the poll is open until Wednesday the 18th … NO, I will not divulge any names that email in their preferences … NO, I have not endorsed any candidate despite “rumors” … NO, I have not been to any “bloggers dinners” … Yes, to those of you who ask politely, I will provide my phone number and listen to why you prefer a particular candidate …

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  4. […] below) … you might want to vote in the op-in poll being conducted here on VirginiaDem … click here to see the original post … and … you don’t need to buy a ticket or attend any event … all emails are […]

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