GOP’s Cantor (VA-07) Whining Over AIG Bonuses Ring False

Note – Down With Tyranny has the story: 


Although Limbaugh and his junior GOP propagandist Glenn Beck, insist the executives at AIG must get their bonuses, Republican House whip, Eric Cantor (R-VA), has directed two of his most obedient minions, Erik Paulsen (R-MN) and Leonard Lance (R-NJ), to introduce a GOP talking points resolution demanding the Treasury Department recoup the bonuses. Didn’t Obama already tell them to do that yesterday?

Did Cantor miss it because he was busy taking pay-offs from banksters? I mean it might be small potatoes compared to the $32,212,409 the finance/insurance/real estate sector gave John McCain or what they gave other crooked politicians like Joe Lieberman ($9,978,024), Rick Santorum ($5,753,194), Mitch McConnell ($5,001,478), Max Baucus ($4,630,243) and Spencer Baucus ($3,789,474)… but Cantor hauled in $3,119,188, the 4th most loot of any current member of the House of Representatives. And if you would like to know what these generous industries got in return for all the bribes they shoved Cantor’s way, look no further than his voting record. Eric Cantor has enthusiastically supported every single bill that has ever come up to tear down the regulatory protections meant to shield society from criminal behavior from the very predators he is now whining about.

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