AIG Bonuses Get Attention From Moran, Deeds, and McAuliffe Campaigns

Note: the following are small cuts from emails I received today from our 2009 Virginia Democratic Party Candidates for Governor  … I’ve put them in order received … each campaign has a slightly different take … follow the links and let them know what you think … 

“We’ve all witnessed with amazement the actions of unscrupulous CEOs on Wall Street who have literally robbed the American taxpayer. It’s time we fight back.  AIG has paid bonuses to the people who are responsible for the financial meltdown.”

“Say NO to using our taxpayer dollars to reward these executives.”


“Where I’m from, your boss gives you a bonus when you work hard and your business succeeds. If you’re going to ask taxpayers for money, you sure don’t spend that money on bonuses for executives that don’t deserve it.”

“Sign my petition and demand that AIG CEO Edward Liddy return all of the taxpayer-funded bonuses.



“Giving hundreds of millions in bonuses to people who have run their company into the ground while countless Americans watch their jobs, homes and savings slip away is not only  fundamentally unfair, it also creates an incentive structure that is just bad for business.”  

“So please, help restore corporate responsibility and join my call to action today.”

“Tell AIG Executives to Reject their Bonuses.”

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