1st Round NCAA Basketball Tourney Obama v. O’Donnell Results

Note: The 32 games in the first round of the the NCAA Basketball Tournament are now a part of history …. in the head-to-head competition with President Obama he and I differed on the winner of 11 games … the record shows President Obama (19-13 overall) with only one victory in head-to-head …  while I ended up (28-4 overall) winning 10 head-to-head … below are match-ups and the results …    Click here to see President Obama’s NCAA Basketball Tournament Selections  

*2OTs Ohio State 72 v. Siena 74 (President Obama’s choice OSU)
Utah 71 v. Arizona 84 (President Obama’s choice Utah) 
Wake Forest 69 v. Cleveland St 84 (President Obama’s choice WF)
Boston College 55 v. Southern Cal. 72 (President Obama’s = BC)

BYU 66 v. Texas A&M 79 (President Obama’s choice BYU)
Washington 71 v. Mississippi St 58 (President Obama’s = Wash)

Oklahoma St 75 v. Tennessee 73 (President Obama’s choice Tenn)
*OT  Florida St 59 v. Wisconsin 61 (President Obama’s = Florida St)

LSU 75 v. Butler 71 (President Obama’s choice Butler)
Illinois 72 v. Western Kentucky 76 (President Obama’s choice Ill) 
Arizona State 66 v. Temple 57 (President Obama’s choice Temple)

To see my printable-brackets click here

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