Fauquier Democrats Honor Julie Turner With 3rd Annual Huel Meadows Memorial Award

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the 8th Annual Commonwealth Dinner of the Fauquier County Democratic Committee and presenting the 3rd Annual Huel Meadows Memorial Award  to Julie Turner … as you can tell from the photo she was pleasantly surprised …
 Shawn O'Donnell and Julie Turner
“Julie Turner came to us early last year and has put her talent and knowledge to work for the FCDC immediately.  She has a MSW, and with her expertise( knowledge of neighborhoods and people)  we were able to go out into the undeserved communities of Fauquier and make an impact, both politically and socially.  She is a self starter and has been instrumental in getting the name of the FCDC OUT THERE. ”

“Through her serious dedication to the cause Julie has been recognized by the African American Community with the Dr, Martin Luther King Jr award. The FCDC’s Outreach Committee was able to organize a health care and housing seminar – directed at improving services to  under served  communities -at the AAHA last Sept using Julie’s knowledge and local contacts; from this a consortium of nurses has evolved.” 

“She was also instrumental in getting the OBAMA folks and the FCDC FCDC/OC to the Mt Zion Baptist Church community Health Care weekend where no political organization has ever been before; trailblazer!!  We also were able to get into the local Catholic Church and make the Dem presence (in this community) know by our involvement in their social services through the St Vincent de Paul organization. I can go on and on, but the point here is that the Fauquier County Democratic Committee’s Outreach Committee feels that through our work with JAT we not only help the community but we get the FCDC name out there.”

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