Eric and Rush – Wrong for Virginia – Wrong for Our Nation

Note: I was on the road today and tuned into talk radio … sometimes I just have to listen to what the GOP “talking heads” are saying … mostly they just lie, distort and make themselves look foolish to anyone other than their followers … so what did Rush … the designated GOP leader have to say? … he proclaimed that … anyone who voted for Obama “is an idiot” … by extension … according to the GOP’s principal mouthpiece here in Virginia we have 1,959,532 idiots …

Cantor denies he was talking about Democrats “overreacting” to economic crisis – so who did he mean?

It’s a simple question. Who did GOP leader Eric Cantor mean when he said that Rush Limbaugh had great ideas for fixing the economy, versus other people “in this town” who were “overreacting”? If he didn’t mean Democrats, which we hear he’s now claiming, then who “in this town” is taking the economic crisis too seriously, according to the number two Republican in the House? 

Maybe folks should call Mr. Cantor’s office and ask them who he was talking about:
DC 202-225-2815
VA 540-825-8960
VA 804-747-4073

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