Virginia’s “Farm Team” Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

The Farm Team is pleased to announce that NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell has agreed to moderate the Farm Team gubernatorial debate on Sunday, April 19 in Williamsburg.

Andrea Mitchell has been the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC News since November 1994. Previously, she served as Chief White House Correspondent (1993-1994) and Chief Congressional Correspondent (1988-1992) for NBC News.

Please contact Susan Platt at 202-255-3455 for more information.

What: Farm Team Democratic Gubernatorial Debate
When: Sunday, April 19
Where: Williamsburg

About the Farm Team
Twenty-three women from around the Commonwealth gathered in September at former Attorney General Mary Sue Terry’s farm in Patrick County. The mission was straight-forward — to develop an organizational framework to recruit and support female candidates at the grassroots level — community volunteers, professional women’s organization members, campaign activists, homeowner’s association leaders, small business owners or others who can step forward to run for city council, school board, or other elected positions. Visit for more information.

Scheduled Participants

Creigh Deeds  –    

Terry McAullife –

Brian Moran –

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