Democrats Gather for Virginia’s 1st Congressional District Convention

Democrats from Virginia’s 1st Congressional District took part in a convention on Saturday May 2, 2009 … over 100 delegates from across the district attended … they heard from our Attorney General Candidate Steve Shannon … primary Gubernatorial candidate Brian Moran and a staffer for Terry McAuliffe … Lt. Gov. Mike Signer and a surrogate for Jody Wagner … then got down to the business of the convention … the election of a committee to represent the district for the next 4 years ….

… delegates elected the following members of the committee: Mary Cottrill, M. Suzanne Creasy, Rebecca Jaramillo Suzette Matthews, Shawn O’Donnell, James Westmoreland, Kenneth Moskalski, Donna Thompson, Jennifer Little, Ronald Ward, Timothy Suppler, Sandra Engelhardt, Gene Magruder, Judy Mastrangeli, Douglass Ferguson, Opal Stroup, Marc Broklawski, Bobby Crisp, Charles Lattimer, Vernell Woodson, Nicholas C. Smith, Chris Mayer, Maime Locke

Committee Members Elected Officers:
• Suzette Matthews – Chair
• Gene Magruder – Vice Chair
• Doug Ferguson – Treasurer
• Nicholas C. Smith – Secretary

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