June 9th Turnout Predictions By Congressional District Total 185,000

Note:  The following are my turnout predictions for this Tuesday’s Virginia Democratic Primary broken down by congressional district … my hope is that I’m proven wrong … that turnout exceeds my expectations … no matter who you support you can help decide Virginia’s future by voting and getting everyone you know to VOTE TUESDAY!


1st District   18,000
2nd District   15,000
3rd District   21,000
4th District   15,000
5th District   15,000
6th District   12,000
7th District   15,000
8th District   25,000
9th District  10,000
10th District  18,000
11th District  21,000

Note: The following information is not an endorsement of any candidate but links by last name in alphabetical order for each Democratic Candidate running for Commonwealth wide office in the June 9th primary:


Creigh Deeds  – www.deedsforvirginia.com

Terry McAullife – www.terrymcauliffe.com

Brian Moran – www.brianmoran.com

Lt. Governor

Michael Signer – www.mikesigner.com

Jody Wagner – www.jodyforva.com

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