Creigh Deeds Reaches Out To Every Virginia Democrat

Deeds for Virginia

Last night was incredible. You helped us defy expectations and claim victory when we were counted out just a few weeks before Election Day. Thank you!

I want to thank my friends — Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe – for running outstanding campaigns.  The energy and passion they brought to this race has only made us stronger, and I am a stronger candidate today because of them.

Our primary win is just the beginning. While we were in a tough battle with Terry and Brian, Bob McDonnell was building a war chest of over $4 million.

We need to catch up. We can’t afford to spend time patting ourselves on the back for our primary win. Our campaign against Bob McDonnell starts today.

Help jumpstart our general election campaign. Please contribute today!

The general election will be a very stark choice of whether Virginia continues to move forward in the tradition of Warner and Kaine, or move backwards with the disastrous economic and social agenda of Bob McDonnell and George Bush.

He is going to try and buy this election with special interest dollars, but Virginia simply can’t afford 4 years of Bob McDonnell.

Help us kickoff our general election campaign and defeat Bob McDonnell in November. Contribute today!

After you’ve made a contribution, please forward this message to 5 of your friends today!

From day one, we made our campaign about creating opportunity and prosperity in every corner of Virginia. I promise you if I’m elected — every single day you’ll have a Governor who is always on your side.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. This is just the beginning.


Donate Now

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