June 2009 DPVA State Central Committee Recap

Note: The following “State Central Committee Meeting Quick Recap comes … with my minor tweaks … from the new DPVA Secretary Steve Bunn:

  • Saturday June 13th the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Virginia met for its regular quarterly meeting (meetings are held at various locations in the Commonwealth, this meeting was in Williamsburg in the Sadler Center on the Campus of William & Mary).
  • Party Officers, the entire Unity Team, were elected for the 2009-2013 term:
  • Hon. C. Richard Cranwell, Chairman
    Hon. Jennifer McClellan, Vice-Chair for Organization (First Vice-Chair)
    Fred Hudson, Vice-Chair for Rules (Second Vice-Chair)
    Craig Fifer, Vice-Chair for Technology and Communications
    James Turpin, Vice Chair for Finance
    Hon. A. Donald McEachin, Vice Chair for Outreach
    Steve Bunn, Secretary
    Barbara Klear,Treasurer

  • Resolutions were adopted as presentd by the Resolutions Committee.
  • Three members were nominated by the Chair and elected to the 2009-2013 Resolutions Committee: Linda Brooks (At-Large position), Frank Leone (Steering position, DNC), and E.J. Scott (City/County position: Manassas). Each Congressional District Committee also elects a member to serve on the DPVA Resolutions Committee.
  • The Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia (DLOV) was officially recognized as a bona fide caucus with a seat and vote on the Steering Committee – Sí, se puede!

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