Virginia Democrats “A Lot Done, More To Do”

Democratic Party of Virginia

Creigh Deeds is poised to continue the same tradition that allowed Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, and President Barack Obama to make so much progress.  But it won’t be easy, and it couldn’t be more importat.

Simply put: there is “A Lot Done, More To Do.”

To give President Obama the partners he needs in Richmond, and to keep Republicans from unraveling the progress we’ve made, we must apply the lessons we’ve learned to the task ahead and do everything we can to win in November.

This is your Democratic Party, so we want each and every activist to own a piece of this campaign. We’ve put together 3 potential car magnet designs that we believe will help spread our message of sustained progress.  Choosing the design that will be seen on thousands of cars is up to you.

Click here to cast your vote today and choose DPVA’s new car magnet!

Your vote today will give thousands of Virginia Democrats an opportunity to show their pride in our party and motivate countless others to be a part of our continued success.

Click here to tell us which car magnet design you like the most!

As always, thank you for your support, and let’s keep working hard to elect leaders who will keep Virginia moving forward!


C. Richard Cranwell

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