45 Days Until the 2009 Election – DGA Updates Virginia Governor’s Race

Note:  The following update is brought to you by the Democratic Governors Association

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In the first gubernational debate since Labor Day, Sen. Creigh Deeds highlighted the contrast between his plan to move Virginia forward and GOP candidate Bob McDonnell’s plan to take the state backward. As McDonnell stumbled to explain his out-of-the-mainstream record and priorities, Deeds demonstrated his lifelong commitment to creating good jobs, expanding educational opportunities and building consensus on transportation improvements. The Falls Church News-Press called Deeds the “clear winner.”

Meanwhile, a new Rasmussen poll in Virginia finds that Deeds is closing the gap against Bob McDonnell — and that McDonnell’s hard-right grad school thesis could be sinking in further with the public. The numbers: McDonnell 48 percent, Deeds 46 percent, with a 4.5 percent margin of error. Deeds’ momentum is also having an effect on fundraising. He raised $3.5M in  in July and August, outraising McDonnell for the second straight period and setting a new record. Deeds raised more in the third quarter than any gubernatorial candidate in 2005 or 2001.

Creigh Deeds released an ad showing the truth about McDonnell’s record on raising taxes.

The Democratic Party of Virginia released a new video: Why won’t Bob McDonnell answer the tough questions about his record?

Creigh Deeds received an endorsement from the Virginia Professional Fire Fighters, a group of 6,500 who support his public safety record.

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