Video Details Current Virginia Lt. Governor’s Work History

Note: This is one of the “must see” political videos of the 2009 election season here in Virginia … enjoy!

Lt. Governor Candidate Forum

On Thursday, September 24 the forum for candidates for Lt. Governor has been canceled.

Bill Bolling has been a no-show for more than 90% of the meetings of the boards and commissions he’s on or invited to. You’d think it would be tough for things to get much worse.

Now he’s announced that he’ll be a no-show for Thursday’s debate. Why? He says he doesn’t want us to be able to show you the debate on our website. That’s right: He’ll only debate if you can’t watch it.

Help us make sure Bill Bolling can’t hide his record by hiding from Jody.

Debates are risky. Candidates have to answer real questions, and that means they can’t always stick to their scripts. The truth is that Bill Bolling can’t explain his no-show record. He’s said attending some meetings would have been “illogical”. He’s said he had better things to do. He’s even tried to muddy the water by attacking Jody for leaving her job as Secretary of Finance before running for statewide office – something Bill’s own ticket mate did.

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