Virginia Democrats “Badge of Honor”

With less than 40 days until the election, all eyes are on Virginia.

Fight Back Against Joe Wilson

In recent history, great Virginia Democrats like Tim Kaine, Mark Warner and Jim Webb swept the state, and the Republicans are desperate for a comeback. It’s crucial that leading up to November 3 we show them we’re stronger than ever.

The Commonwealth’s grassroots organization helped turn Senator Barack Obama into President Barack Obama. Our people-powered campaign helped turn the Old Dominion blue for a president for the first time since LBJ. But the forces of reaction and division are desperate to turn back the clock. They are counting that this time, this year, in an off- year election, they can sneak one by the voters. They think we’ve lost our edge, lost our energy, lost our enthusiasm. I want you to prove them wrong.

With Virginia’s election showing up on front pages across the nation, we need to show the country that Virginia’s waters still run blue. Just like we mobilized for President Obama, we need to stand tall with Creigh Deeds and good Virginia Democrats all across the Commonwealth.

You can do your part by proudly displaying your badge of honor as a Virginia Democrat. When I’m driving down I-95, I want to look to my left and see your decal in your back window.

Click here to receive your free car window decal when you support the Democratic Party of Virginia.

In 2001, Virginia elected Mark Warner as governor; in 2005, we brought in Tim Kaine; in 2006 we sent fightin’ Jim Webb to the Senate and in 2008 we joined the nation in electing President Obama. Across the Commonwealth, dedicated Virginians are preparing and organizing for Election Day, but we need your help.

Whether you’re in Reston, Charlottesville, or Norfolk, we want you to be able to get on any major highway and see a car sporting the decal.

Click here to become part of the movement and get your free car decal.

A strong ground operation will be key on Election Day. The only way we can hold onto Democratic leadership across the state is if everyone does their part. I’m asking you, as an active Democrat, to sign up and get your car decal today.

Click here to get your free window decal.


Paul Begala
Paul Begala

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