Democratic Governors Association Updates Virginia Race

The DGA hit the $4 million milestone in Virginia this week, making the race the most expensive in the organization’s history. Already this year in Virginia, the DGA funded Common Sense Virginia, a progressive organization that ran $3 million worth of advertising that criticized McDonnell’s economic policies. Common Sense Virginia was credited with “bedeviling” McDonnell before the primary, tripling his negatives and forcing him to spend $2.5 million. Since June, the DGA has contributed $1 million to Sen. Creigh Deeds’s campaign. In 2005, the DGA spent $1.2 million in Virginia.

The race continues to narrow daily, with Democratic Sen. Creigh Deeds building momentum as the choice for voters who want to move Virginia forward, not backward. Five polls in the last two weeks show the race no further apart than five points, with Public Policy Polling weighing in Tuesday with the latest statistics. According to the Washington Post poll, Deeds’ growth is strong particularly among the women, independents and northern Virginia residents who will be critical to victory.

Detrimental adThe Deeds camp has emerged with a series of ads highlighting the differences between Creigh Deeds and McDonnell.“Detrimental” asks the important question: “What kind of person would write that working women are detrimental to the family and lie to cover it up?” A new ad shows McDonnell recommended $180M in utility hikes, Creigh Deeds won’t stand for energy rate increases.

The Virginia Police Benevolent Association – which endorsed Bob McDonnell for Attorney General in 2005- hasannounced its endorsement of Sen. Creigh Deeds for Governor of Virginia, citing his strong bipartisan record on public safety.

Citing his transportation plan and his record of bringing people together to get results, Virginia’s first Republican governor of the modern era, Linwood Holton, threw his support behind Sen. Creigh DeedsSen. Mark Warner also strongly supports Creigh Deeds’s pro-business approach to our economy, watch here to learn more.

Over the past week, three Virginia Governors from both political parties have united in their criticism of Bob McDonnell’s plan to fund transportation by raiding $5.4 billion over 10 years from the General Fund – money that tax payers rely on to fund education, public safety and other core priorities.  Deeds’ transportation plan has been widely praised.

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