Organizing for America Steps Up To Assist Creigh Deeds for Governor

Organizing for America
As President Obama said, Creigh Deeds’ pragmatic and bipartisan approach to politics “has an ability to bring people together, build consensus and deliver results.”

This November, Virginians will be faced with a stark choice. Creigh Deeds, who’s continuing Mark Warner and Tim Kaine’s common-sense tradition of pragmatism and economic growth, or Bob McDonnell’s campaign pushing a backward-looking social agenda and the disastrous economic policies of the past.

Last month, the Washington Post brought to light shocking views that Bob McDonnell has been scrambling to hide. In his masters thesis, written when he was 34, McDonnell clearly spelled out his regressive vision for life in Virginia — including his view that women working outside the home are “detrimental” to the family, that couples should not have access to contraception and that the government should “restrain, punish, and deter” homosexuality.

With the stakes in this election so incredibly high, we have to make sure voters know about Bob McDonnell’s plans for Virginia so they can make informed choices about their future in November.

Click here to read McDonnell’s blueprint, then pass it along to friends so they can see for themselves.

This movement we’ve built is about moving America towards a more inclusive, prosperous future. And the Virginia we want is characterized by equality, freedom, and politics of pragmatism, not extreme ideology. That’s why Organizing for America has gotten behind Creigh Deeds’ campaign, and why OFA volunteers across the state are out knocking on doors, making phone calls, and giving all they can to get the word out and build support for Deeds.

In the 2008 election we faced a choice between fear and division, or coming together to build a stronger future. We chose that path forward last year, and if you’re able to help now, it will make a huge difference in making sure Virginia says no to Bob McDonnell’s destructive vision for the Commonwealth.


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

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