Democratic Governors Association Updates Virginia Race With 25 Days Remaining

25 days until the 2009 election

Can Northern Virginia Trust McDonnell’s Promises? Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney took a skeptical look at Bob McDonnell’s promises to Northern Virginia this week and found that McDonnell, true to form, is “packaging himself quite differently from how he has in the past.” McCartney writes: “Northern Virginia voters have plenty of reasons to distrust McDonnell’s promises to address their problems effectively, particularly when it comes to transportation and education…To advance his cause, McDonnell is saying many things that Northern Virginia voters want to hear.”

Deeds ad Stands with Us

In a new ad, the Deeds campaign asked Virginians who stands with them on jobs and quality of life. The ad highlights Bob McDonnell’s votes against Mark Warner’s job’s plan for rural Virginia and opposition to eliminating the sales tax on groceries because he heard people in rural areas “shoot their food.” The ad also highlights Deeds’ plan to create jobs in every corner of the Commonwealth. Watch here.

New from the Virginia Democratic Party: Behind McDonnell’s dishonest TV ads is a plan to raid our schools for $5.4 billion. Watch here.

DGA Vice Chair Gov. Martin O’Malley hosted a fundraiser this week for Creigh Deeds in Potomac, Maryland.

Creigh Deeds earned the endorsement of by the VA chapter of the Sierra Club as well as the League of Conservation Voters.

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