5 Virginia House of Delegates Races Get Special Attention From Netroots

Note:  I received the following via email … interesting netroots strategy to help Democratic candidates  ….

Progressive Kick has set up an ActBlue page called “Virginia’s Progressive Kicks” to fundraise for 5 excellent Virginia Democratic House of Delegates candidates, where we MATCH (DOUBLING!) all contributions up to $25,000 and ALL the money goes directly to the candidates not us! These five progressive candidates are Robin Abbott (93rd), Peggy Frank (7th), Stevens Miller (86th), Margi Vanderhye (34th) and John Bell (13th).

We can do this because we’ve secured at least $25,000 (a number that is still growing!) in pledges from large donors specifically pledged to mount a national matching fund drive to swing the balance in Virginia’s House of Delegates in a progressive direction.  Any dollar donated through our ActBlue Virginia page will be doubled by the time it hits Virginia. We at Progressive Kick believe that matching large donors with small donors offers an untapped potential to wield progressive power and move political outcomes in Virginia and the nation.

Check out http://www.actblue.com/page/virginiaprogressive to see the full line-up. One look at their opponents tells you everything you need to know about the worthiness of this project.

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