Democratic Governors Association Issues Campaign Update 11 Days Out

11 days until the 2009 election

Sen. Creigh Deeds is within striking distance of the governorship, with room to grow in the crucial northern Virginia region. His campaign will dedicate his efforts to robust get-out-the-vote efforts in the last 10 days of the race, as President Obama will make his second stop in the state to rally Virginians.

President Clinton stumped this week for Creigh Deeds, telling voters that there is “no question that Creigh Deeds has the best jobs plan, best energy plan, best education plan and the best record.” Creigh Deeds and President ObamaIn advance of his visit this week, President Obama calls on Virginia to get “fired up once again” and support Deeds in these last weeks, highlighted in this ad. Another Deeds ad touts the Washington Post’s general election endorsement, and reminds voters he is a “longtime champion” of bipartisan efforts.

A group called Working Women for Virginia has gone up with a spot to inform women in the region about Bob McDonnell’s extreme anti-women views and record.

The Falls Church News-Press and the Richmond Free Press endorsed Creigh Deeds: “the state needs a man of his character at the State House.” The Richmond Free Press, one of the leading African-American owned newspapers in the commonwealth, said Deeds is: ” an authentic, decent man, with moderate sensibilities. With a self-effacing demeanor that often defies the hype found in much of today’s politics, Sen. Deeds is a real, unpretentious, regular guy who takes responsibility for what he says and does.” 

Unlike McDonnell, Creigh Deeds won’t pass the buck on job creation: “I will not pass it off” to the lieutenant governor, Deeds said as he contrasted his jobs plan to that of his challenger Bob McDonnell. “I will be the chief recruiter.” McDonnell has said he would appoint Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling as “chief jobs creation officer” if both Republicans win the election.

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